Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative condition that progressively takes away the ability to move.

Parkinson’s Disease affects 13M people worldwide, with an estimation of 32M by 2050.

13M patients

  • 32M by 2050
  • Average onset age: 50
  • As early as 25

85 new diagnosis
per hour

Every hour, 85 people in the world are told they have Parkinson’s

$120 Bn burden

  • US: $26 Bn
  • Spain: $6.4 Bn
  • UK: $2.5 Bn


Gold-standard treatment (Levodopa) helps to partially recover movement but presents critical unmet needs.

Levodopa Limitations

Only partial recovery of movement.
Causes Dyskinesia -permanent uncontrollable movements-which leads:
to a diminished autonomy / ability to function.
to eventually stop treatment, leaving patients prostrated.
Does not stop disease progression


Lipea™ a breakthrough add-on therapy that would significantly increase patient quality of life.

Patient Benefits

Enhancement of movement recovery by 100%.
Reduces dyskinesia by 48%; allowing for:
A better quality of life.
Added years of life with autonomy (i.e. extended Levodopa therapeutic lifespan)
Slows disease progression by 79%.


A € 1.3M investment expected to yield 13x return in 1½ years.

Round Values 
Capital Requirement€ 1.3 M
Pre-Money Valuation€ 2 M
Time Covered18 months
Estimated Valuation after
completion of current stage.
€ 58 M

Key Use of Proceed

  • R&D 55%
  • Payroll 28%
  • OpEx 17%


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