A scientific and management world-class team

Convinced that there is a unique opportunity in the development of highly effective drugs conceived from low toxicity molecules endowed with smart nano-delivery systems, Pablo has formed a world-class team with renowned scientists and executives from USA and Europe to carry forward NOS Life Sciences.
Extensive managerial experience in large corporations including Sanofi HQ and Latam, in the areas of Strategy, Marketing and General Management.

Academic background:

– In Business, Strategy and Economics at Columbia Business School (USA),
– IAE Business School (Argentina),
– San Andrés Business School (Arg.) U.N.Cuyo (Arg.)
– Sankt Gallen University (Switzerland).


Pablo Inones



Fernando Rodriguez de Fonseca, MD, PhD.

Medical Research

Renowned researcher and developer in the area of Neuropsychopharmacology, Fernando has an extraordinary scientific career having published 283 scientific documents, received 68 research grants and 3 National research awards (inc. Esteve Foundation International Research Award), submitted 15 patents and presented 153 papers at international conferences.

Academic background:

– Post-Doctorate in Neuropsychopharmacology from the Scripps Research Institute (USA).
– Post-doctoral research at the University of California (USA).
– Doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Complutense University (Spain).
– And a degree in Medicine with specialization in Surgery from the Complutense University  (Spain).

Forward thinking professional with an exceptional track record in therapeutics ranging from large pharma to medium-sized biotech companies.
In particular, possesses a strong expertise in advancing drugs through clinical phases as well as structuring co-development and licensing-out agreements between emerging biotechs and Big Pharma companies.
Tina occupied global head and US head positions in drug development and therapeutic strategy in Sanofi and Merck. A Benjamin Franklin Scholar, Tina also exhibits a prolific research career having published 18 scientific documents and submitted 17 patents.

Academic background:
Doctorate in Biophysics from Caltech and a BSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tina Garyantes

Tina Garyantes, PhD

Drug Development

Ruben Henriquez

Rubén Henriquez Pelaez, PhD


Experienced strategist and manager in the Biopharma sector in corporations such as Novartis and Sandoz, Rubén has subsequently collaborated in the design, launch and growth of therapeutics and diagnostics companies.
Ruben exhibits a significant experience in negotiation of alliances with Big Pharma companies such as the one carried out between J&J and PharmaMar for € 200 million.

Academic background:
– Post-doctorate in Immunosuppressive Drugs from the University of Basel (Switzerland).
– Fellowship in Genome Coding in autoimmune diseases in the US Public Health Service,
– PhD in Molecular Biology from Rockefeller University New York (US).
– Master in Business from the IE Business School Madrid (Spain)
– Degree in Biochemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).

Accomplished innovator in the area of bio-membranes and nano- delivery systems, Alcides has led the development -from conception to industrialization- of more than 30 formulations that are used today by different companies around the world.
Among his most outstanding achievements are smart formulations of oncological medicines, a vaccine for Trypanosoma cruzi and highly effective ORS formulation for which MIT (USA) granted him the award for best development 2015. Alcides has published 5 scientific documents, received 2 research grants from CONICET and authored 2 patents.

Academic background:
– Doctorate in Biological Sciences.
– Master of Arts in Biotechnology and a degree in Chemistry from Universidad del Litoral (Argentina).

Alcides Nicastro

Alcides Nicastro, PhD



José Luis Lanciego, MD. PhD

Pre-Clinical Research

Prestigious researcher in the field of neurobiology of neurodegenerative disorders, José work is focused in the study of strategies for the clearance of misfolded neurodegenerative proteinopathies like Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Multiple Atrophy and Alzheimer’s Disease.
His scientific career includes 112 published scientific documents, 13 books authored and 5 research grants.

Academic background:
– Post-doctoral fellowship in Neuroanatomical Tract-tracing Techniques at Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit (The Netherlands.
– Doctorate in Neurosciences and a degree in Medicine both from Salamanca University (Spain).

Accomplished researcher in the fields of clinic pharmacology applied to neurosciences, Rafael work focuses in the study of long-term neurotoxic effects of drugs in the cognitive area and the development of therapies for the improvement of cognitive performance in intellectual disabilities.

His scientific career includes 281 published scientific documents and 4 patents.


Academic Background
– Fellowship at the McGill University (Canada).
– Doctorate in Toxicology and a degree in Pharmacology both from Barcelona University (Spain).


Rafael de la Torre Fornell, PhD


Andy Maier

Andy Maier

Marketing & Communications

Throughout his career, Andy has focused on helping technology companies grow, mixing his passion for strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship.
From pharmaceutical corporations such as Bayer, Teva and Pfizer to biotechnology startups, Andy has extensive experience in the creation and launch of new products and companies.

Academic background:
– Master in Business Administration from the IAE Business School (Argentina).
– Degree in Advertising from the Siglo XXI University (Argentina).

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